Day 7. 4 weeks since our new life started

This morning instead of mouthing "I love you" he mouthed "good morning". He was awake for a lot of the day.
Sometimes his awareness makes it easier, sometimes it makes it even harder to leave.
I miss my husband.
-Also, as a caregiver that is there 10+ hours a day. I see things that others (nurses, doctors) don't. I know he is stronger on his left side, they all believe his left side isn't responding and only is strong on his right. Frustrating!

As always, I commend you for posting updates. Yes, no medical employee can know your husband as well as you do so keep persevering. Danijo, I adore my husband and thank God for him daily (there's even a country song sung by Blake Shelton that my husband purchased on Itunes during my recovery because I said I liked it .... God Gave Me You. Oh, Eric has always liked country music but I wasn't a fan.) I will keep you in my prayers and I admire your strength!