Day 4 - by my mom

Christopher spent a lot of the day resting Today. He had a visit from his physiotherapist who began an exercise regime to keep his joints from locking up. He still needs complete assistance for the left side of his body, and when he’s tired, he gets a bit of assistance for the right. His physiotherapist is nice and she will be going over some of the motions with me so that I can do these exercises with him also.

Tommorow, Christopher will be having another surgery for the installation of a stomach feeding tube. It is being installed to ease his feeding, and to cut down on the amount of tubes stuck into his body.

Christopher seems to be gaining a bit more sensation than before (he told me he had to use the toilet), so that’s a good sign.

The doctor’s confirmed yesterday that Christopher does have pneumonia, as well as a bacterial staph infection, which is thankfully not the drug resistant kind. His antibiotics have been changed from a broad spectrum to a more specific one for this bug. Let’s hope that no more than the typical 7-10 days is what’s needed to zap it from his system.

Christopher’s vitals were good most of the day today. He did have an elevated blood pressure last night, but we are hoping that will be lower today.

Although all these things may seem quite horrible, he is, in fact, doing a little better than yesterday.

Last night when we were leaving, Christopher was trying to ask me something, and was pointing across his body. I couldn’t figure out what he wanted, and then he started tracing his finger across my hand, around my wrist and drew a circle on my wrist. It took me a few minutes to figure out that he was asking the time. His pointing was pointing at the clock on the wall, which we thought strange since he has not yet opened his eyes to see it there. We figure that when his father told him the time earlier in the day, he realized his father looked “up” at the clock, while standing on Christopher’s right side, and he figured out there was a clock up there. Learning a new language – hand signs – is proving extremely difficult, but at least we will know for next time what he’s wanting. It’s encouraging that he is cognizant enough to be wanting to know the time. :slight_smile:

Although Christopher remains in ICU, we are hopeful that he will be moved to a step-down ward soon.

Thank you again to everyone for all their prayers and calls for prayer. It heartens me to know so many people are keeping him in their thoughts.

Love to you all, Elizabeth xx