Day 3

Good Afternoon. Day 3 in the new room.
Yesterday I was heartbroken. I didn't know anyone, I didn't feel anyone was caring for my Scott on a level that he needed. So I just kept doing what I feel he needs. I have been doing range of motion, playing his music and reading to him.
During one of the times when I was reading to him, he lifted his left hand up off the bed. This is HUGE. I haven't seen him move like that in weeks.
I left with a heavy heart, but made my presense known with the doctors and nurses before I left. Just telling them to take care of my husband.
Today I came in and he was in a Cardiac chair getting range of motion therapy. I was so glad to see this happen. And he was so incredibly aware. Even trying to mouth some words to me.
The whole day until now has been like that. He has moved both lower arms, followed simple commands, took some vernors (gingerale) from a sponge and really enjoyed it and put his lips together for a kiss.
Also, the ICU nurses came to visit us today. And that made my heart feel good.
Such a long road ahead of us and I know this. But today gave me more hope.
I have so many questions for all of you, I just don't know where to begin.
But first,
What is, in your opinion, the best therapy for a 'semi-conscience' state? What should the facilities that I am looking at have? What questions should I ask?
Thank you.

Yay for hope and a heart that feels good! I will ask my husband if he has any suggestions for you since he was in your position in May of 2011.

Hi again, Danijo, and I did ask my husband. Well, he said verbally I was very articulate but physically, I had a lot of problems. Eric said they tried to move me to rehab after 4 weeks in the ICU but ended up sending me back to the ICU for a week. Eric thinks it's great if Scott's rehab is in the same hospital. He recommends you read My Stoke of Insight which he read and found helpful. Actually, I've read it 3 times for it took me that many times to really comprehend everything. Eric said that games and puzzles were very helpful for me when I was in rehab. I wish I had more information to convey to you.

Hi, DJ - sorry, I forgot to respond to this one. I got PT, OT and ST while semi awake at the 2nd hospital. I was very confused and just played along since in my mind there was no reason I shouldn’t be able to do things. I heard of an incident where I threw my hairbrush in OT but I don’t recall this. In my experience we got recommendations on the best place for rehab from doctor friends. This place, RIO, had its own set of requirements for entry, eg must be able to tolerate x hours of therapy, sleep in a bed w one guard rail down, and my current nurses helped make sure I was ready to meet these Reqs. RIO sent an interviewer to look at me prior to entry - she glanced at me and said I’d do fine. I think getting recommendations from your medical network is a good idea. Then Call and get the requirements in writing - they are the experts. They expected me to do things before I thought I was ready. I was bedridden and barely waking up when I arrived but by the end of one month my PT told me it was like working with a completely different person.