Day 23...2nd day in Rehab

Hi , Zac was moved to rehab yesterday. He goes back for a diagnostic angi tomorrow. he is doing really well considering but boy the emotions are flooding his gates! he cries and cries the docs say its the brain re-wiring, but oh how it breaks my heart :( did any of you go through that?

He finally slept last night he got his nights and days mixed up in ICU/Trauma which I know is also common. So hopefuly he will start feeling more rested...real rest. He loves being so busy in rehab! They call it boot camp :) Right side is still not super good but he is walking a little his right hand is still as he says "dead"

They think he will be there for about 3 weeks knowing him I think two :)

Onward and upward

Hi Karen,

So glad to hear Zac's improved enough to move onto rehab! Yay Zac & Karen!! :)

They'll work him hard in Neuro rehab, but it will greatly help him.

Yes, it's gotta break your heart seeing him cry a lot. I too have experienced more tearfulness and emotions since my surgeries and have seen the same with others who've had brain surgery or injury.

You both take care and thanks for the updates,


Thanks Patti :slight_smile:


Steve also was very emotional after his surgery for a while, tears would happen anytime, heck mine too! LOL! And they also work them so hard in rehab which was great, it really gave him the confidence that he could do this. Glad to hear he's getting some rest, hope you are too! Love your sign off, that's a great way to look at it, I also knew each minute was better than the last! Keep working guys, you will go far!



It’s common to cry a lot during this time. I still am more sensitive than I was before. I will never forget, hearing th Star Bangled Banner during watching the Olympics when I was in rehab, and crying like a baby…

I did, and my friend who works in a rehab hospital said it’s the norm. Combine a traumatic experience with brain trauma, and it’s inevitable. I cried for 2 weeks, and as a non-crier, I HATED it. Best wishes, be well!

Thanks so much everyone! letting me know that the emotional part is the norm is helpful. Not that I blame him or any of us who have been through this! Yes, Marie...I cry too! and Sharyn "I" am not a cryer either! lol

Just not used to SO much emotion...kind of makes you think what has our societly become that showing our emotions is strange to us lol

Personally I am not a pretty cryer and my eyes get all puffy so there ya go

Strength to all!! WE will make it!