Day 14 in ICU

My husband continues to improve albeit ever so slowly. He has started moving his right leg!! as of last night. No movement on the right arm yet but I think its working its way up :) He is frustrated! I can only imagine. Interesting how the first words he is speaking are cuss words lol and he doesnt even cuss that much!!

He had the swallow test yesterday and now can tolerate food? if you want to call it that lol but only bite fulls

Nurse came in this morning and said they had him in a chair and out at the nurses station last night and he started talking about music how he plays guitar and sings..She said to me, do you have a guitar you can bring in that if it gets damaged (like him throwing it across the room lol) it would be ok...I do so am taking an old guitar back this afternoon. Music soothes the soul! Yesterday I was there and a commercial came on of a song I dislike "Roxanne" I said oh my favorite song (kidding) he raised his voice and sang :) hard to understand but we did laugh. Music may soothe the soul but laughter is the best medicine!

We are anxiously awaiting each moment of improvement!

Hope you are all well and turn up the music!


Karen, so glad to hear about Zac's improvement. Wonderful on him moving his right leg, I'm sure that will work it's way up. Too funny on the cussing.... That's great about the guitar anything to get him back to his old self is wonderful, and yes music is very soothing. Glad to hear he is laughin and you too, both of you deserve a lot of that! Take care and thinking of you guys!



Karen, You two are such a strong couple! Amazing! Zac is working so hard to recover and having you with him will make him stronger, day by day! I swore alot when I was in rehab…it just happens. Keep telling us about his recovery, I love hearing how well it’s going! Take care!

What terrific news. My left leg did not move for almost 4 weeks. Wow…I am so excited for the both of you!! Still praying for a full recovery!

Karen this is such a joyfull gift you share That I am HAPPY DANCING while crying for HAPPY ( you know it's like happy dancing with the eyes ) and I am laughing about the cussing , the music and that wonderfull nurse who knows the guitar is good ....

It is always one breath-one moment-one task-one day at a time .

I know how hard he is working and how hard you are working and you are both doing excellent work !

Being the bravest of the brave and the strongest of the strong can be exhausting work ....don't forget to breath , drink water , eat , rest ....Oh , Zac too !

May the days be as good as they can be and better .

Be good to you . Take care of you . Both of you .


I had some excellent nurses who gave me rehab tips on important isuues such as walking , body movement allignment , using all the senses to help to "see" more clearly and music and swearing ( i.e. cussing ) were on the top five list ; Tasks that help us to breath help us to heal .

It's good to hear of his progress and yeah, rocking out! :) Hey, what about REM's 'Shiny Happy People?!

The 2 of you have been through soooo much together.

Stay strong, take care and keep on rockin!'


Wonderful news! It is funny you mention music. I just read the other day about how music really does make you feel better! Link below. Laughter oh laughter! It is has always been my escape and really is the best medicine. I have had so many good laughs with my family and my doctors through out this whole thing. There are three things I need in my life. Music, family/friends and laughter. I hope everything continues to improve and you all continue to laugh and jam out!!!

Thanks for sharing this, Karen. Great news that he is recovering. I can’t imagine 14 days in ICU! Slow and steady is great news, though. And the swallow test is a big milestone. Stay strong. Our prayers are with you.

hi karen. I’m a 40 year old woman and you husband’s situation sound very similar to mine. I too was in the hospital for two weeks after having embolization, which then ended up bleeding and causing me paralysis to my right side. after a week i started to move my leg and it wasn’t until i started therapy did i then regain movement in my arm. im still not using my hand really as u can probably tell by my the beginning they had me on a pureed food only diet bcause i could not swollow too good either. ebveryday gets a liitle better, but i need to remind myself to b patient. i hope your husband continues to recover and ur right music and laughter are wonderful to the soul.god bless