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I take it this is your embolisation journey in pictures… Going in… Going on and getting out!

Its good to see you doing well!



Follow-Up MR-Angio 6 months after embolization with Onyx:
Morning guys, I just got my results from the control-MRI. So far I feel well, go to work (a little slow down - not because I have to, but because I wanted to), I do my sports at the gym 3 times weekly, and I don´t have any pulssynchrone tinnitus anymore - it did not come back. And my radiologist who took the pictures was happy for me, also my radiologist who did the procedure (Onyx embolisation) - they both told my everything is fine now. The results were that good I have to come back only if there were any symptoms, no routine-follow up. I am really happy now and I can recommend my doctor if here is anybody that want´s to get embolisation in Germany, I can make the contact for you.



Ich freue mich für dich! Die besten Wünsche für Weihnachten und das kommende Jahr!