Daughter Update

My daught is having a difficulty time trying to decide what approach she needs to do next. She was to have her 7th embolization in August but cancelled the procedure because of her right thumb and finger in pain (Dr thinks she had a stroke during embolization). She saw the Dr yesterday and wanted to know how may more before Gamma Knife. He sent her for an MRI and it is still too large, however, there hasn’t been a bleed. She has such a fear of losing her sight that she is unsure of doing a next embolization. The Dr has told her it is her decision and she could go many years with no problems or it could occur at any time. If she knew it would be only one or two more embolizations then she would go for it. She just doesn’t think she can do more than that because of how she feels after.
She is feeling so good now and if she could continue the way she is now that would be fine. The Dr and family as well as her know there isn’t a time table.

I just needed to sound off. The support group is wonderful and has a comfort for me.

Thank you


Carolyn, how does your daughter tell you she feels after the embo’s. what happens to her?

Normally she feels fine but 2 instances she had a tingling sensation in her right leg and then this last procedure her right thumb and fingers feel like they are asleep and heat sensativity is extreme in her thum and finger. She says the process in draining on her. Steroids are being used to prevent swelling. During the time on those pills she suffers from depression.