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Daughter has AVM on left side of brain in the sensorimotor


We are thrilled to have this behind us! And thank you for the continued prayers! She was prayed for by so many we truly had such a peace during her procedure! Still do and really feel that she is going to make it through this without any major issues! Although I was praying that your son’s AVM would be completely gone, it is shrinking and that is wonderful! Will pray with you through this 6 month period! I hate to wish time away but I’m ready to fast forward through this next 6 months! Keep in touch and I will do the same!


Our son just had is 2 year angiogram after gamma knife. It has been obliterated! We are so very thankful to Dr. Welch at UTSW in Dallas. He has not had any issues at all since gamma knife was done in February 2016. I hope your daughter is doing well, Celeste.


Pallison that is great to hear!! Happy New Year!!



Oh my goodness! Praise God! I am thrilled for you all! You can now breathe a HUGE sigh of relief and get back to a normal life!! This is the best news and such an inspiration for us! Thank you for sharing! I just can’t stop smiling!

Paige hasn’t had any side effects from the radiation at this point. She continues to have small seizures as she has throughout this ordeal but we are anxiously awaiting the 6 month mark to see if she will start having any deficits. I feel in my heart she is going to be ok! Thanks for asking about her! Will keep you posted on that progress!

Again, I am so thankful that your son is completely healed!!


Pallison, that is such wonderful news to hear! A long road but I am so happy to hear your sons AVM is finally obliterated without issues with the Gamma Knife. Couldn’t start the new year any better :fireworks:

Best wishes,



Clanier, Really good to hear Paige has responded well to her treatmemt and Im glad to hear your keeping up positive thoughts too. I hope as the GK works over time soon she will have relief from her seizures also.

My AVM is in a differant location of my brain (left occipital lobe) however I am also 23. So if your daughter wanted someone to talk to who’s a similar age and a fellow AVMer, welcome to PM me about it :slight_smile:

We are all sending out our positive energy and wishes to you, your daughter and family.

Best wishes and Happy New Year!