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Daughter had radiosurgery

My 15 year old daughter had srs at Sheffield on Tuesday. She is in pain for which she is on morphine. The staff at Hallamshire Hospital were lovely. Keith, not sure what his role was, was funny with his endless jokes and the anaesthetist, Dave Turn all, was great, helping my daughter when other drs wouldn’t. After a night in hospital we are back home. She is tired and hurting but otherwise ok

Good to hear it went well and is now in the rear view mirror for her and back at home. A few days R and R in order and wishing her, and you, the best. Take Care, John

Thank you John

Glad to hear your daughter is doing okay Kirsty. Hopefully she’ll ge tmuch better over time. Keep us posted x

Thanks Lun, will do

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So happy to hear it went well and she had some wonderful care givers while in the hospital. Prayers to her and the family that everything continues to go well.

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God bless her I hope everything gets better from here!

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Hey, Kirsty!

I’m glad you got there eventually! It feels like you’ve already had a long wait! Fingers crossed that your daughter gets on top of it. Is she any better this week? Early days, I know.

Very best wishes to you all,


Thanks Richard. It took 10 months to get radiosurgery but that was with delaying the angiogram by 2/3 months to ensure her vessels were strong enough to cope due to the connective tissue disorder. She is feeling a lot less tired now which is good. She is now on Gabapentin and having a facet joint injection late November to help with her pain

It’s good to know she is getting a bit better on the EDS. I hope she starts to feel better post radiotherapy. :crossed_fingers:

The genetetist in Bristol and Sheffield believe that it’s Loeys Dietz but they are still doing tests to get a definite diagnosis

Well good luck. It’s great to hear from you. I hope she gets well soon.

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