Dates are in

So the doctors offices called about an hour ago. The dates are finally in.

My emoblization is scheduled for Feb 19th and the Surgery is scheduled for Feb 23rd. Nothing left to do now, but pack my overnight bags and wait. sigh

WIsh i could figure out why they take so flipping long. We knew in September that surgery was the way to go, that it was the only option for really “curing” this and yet, ssix months later, i finally get a surgery date-- just insane.

I took time off work, off school, put my life on hold to get this taken care of, and after six months, we are still waiting… I could’ve made life a lot easier on myself and my family if i’d known it would take them this long. I couldn’t at least stayed in school, had two more quarters done before i took my medical leave… GRRRRR… Sorry, rant over, its really really annoying to me that they have drug their feet this long.

Any way, just wanted to let everyone know.

Also, for those interested. I post more regular updates on MySpace and Facebook. Feel free to contact me there.


you can search for my name to- I’m listed under Angelique Atkinson
Happy new year everyone-- hope to update again soon.

I know the waiting is tough. My daughter’s surgery is coming up in two weeks, and it took 5 months to get it sorted out and scheduled. Thought I was going to have an anxiety attack in the mean time :-). Now you can sit back and relax for a while. It will be here before you know it. Best of luck! Our prayers are with you.

I’m praying that your embolization goes well, Angelique! Please keep us posted.

I am praying that your embolization goes well, Angelique! Please keep us posted on your recovery.

thank you ladies. The waiting is the worse, but yes, I am going to focus on collecting things to pack in the overnight bags and just take it easy. I’ve been so stressed lately waiting for the calls to come in, i could use the next couple of weeks to relax. Susan, I hope your daughters surgery goes well, I will keep you both in my prayers. :slight_smile: Thank you so much for the support, I will update as soon as i have more to tell :slight_smile:

I just had my embolization on Dec 17 and it went very smooth. I will warn you the 24 hour stay in the ICU is no picnic. My recovery once i got home went incredibly well, they shrunk the AVM by 30% and I am going in for SRS (like Gamma Knife) tomorrow. Make sure once you get out of the hospital, that you have someone to help you at home b/c you will be limited in your mobility initially. I was told not to bend over or pick anything heavy up and my family made my meals for me and helped me around the first few days. I am not sure how large your AVM is or your age and those all play into how well you recover. I still have very minor headaches, but that is expected since the blood flow has been re-routed in the brain. Good Luck with your procedures!

Thank you Caroline. I admit the “after” is our greatest concern at the moment, no one is really sure what to expect. I do have family planning to stay with me and my best friend is flying into town the weekend I am expecting to get released to aid in my recovery as well. I am 30, so I hope to bounce back fairly quickly, but will admit, I’m not as healthy and agile as I was at my last surgery (I Had a breast reduction done two years ago and was up and fine two days later.) I anticipate this one going much slower… I am glad you are doing well, if you wouldn’t mind sharing more details on the ICU and why it was no picnic, I would greatly like to hear. I’m a plan for the worst- hope for the best kind of personality.

Thank you for sharing and I will keep everyone updated. I am handling paperwork and other arrangements right now- just in case.