Date for last

Jacob is going into hospital on 23rd June to have an angiogram and embolisation on 24th June, if this is successful he will then have a resection of the AVM on 26th June.
If unsuccessful we will go home and have surgery at a later date as part of the AVM is too deep to be reached by surgery but most of it can come out fairly easily.
I feel like a great weight has been lifted now that we finally have a plan.

Hi Clare, I can´t wait to read Jacob is avm free. Lots of love.

I’m so glad that Jacob finally has a date! My prayers are with you both, Clare!

Good luck for everything Claire. I will be thinking of you both this week. Beth is going over to Sheffield on Friday to have her gamma knife treatment on the saturday so looks like this will be a big week for both of us. Take care.