Date for mri

[ Draft ]HI Today we got the date for Luke’s mri it will be in early January unless they have a cancellation or luke gets worse.

The therapist seen Luke and they are happy with his continuing progress in particular how long he can pay attention to a set task now. Luke will have fun helping me to put up our fibre optic christmas tree this weekend. We like fibre optic ones as the lights changing colour really catch luke’s attention. When luke has done somthing clever jordan will say “good boy luke” and clap his hands, now luke gives himself a clap back. The two boys continue to show a lot of love and affection to each other. It seems now that jordan has started his medication and is not as anxious he can show more affection.

Well that is all for now. Bye from your friends in Asutralia

Hello Michelle, Luke, Jordan OH, HELLO to ALL. Great news all round.
As urgency seems to be a relative term, I am praying Luke stays healthy and there is no delay for mri. What a grand tree that all can enjoy, great fun!!! Loving children you have, and it comes with the parents you know. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Be good to you take care of you.

Hi Michelle
Glad the dates here and Luke and it must be an improvement for you with Jordan on his meds. Thinking of you my friend. x

Glad to hear all the good news!

It is so nice to hear things are improving. xxx