Date for MRI Results

Dear Friends, sorry we have not had time to reply to all of our messages latley. Luke has suddenly become a very demanding little 3 year old. At first i thought there was somthing wrong with his health but through process of elimination i discoverd that he was wanting more of a social life. Luke has been screaming and having trantrums every day for the last week, although he did manage to behave himself and play nicely with his little frined who visited on the weekend, they will be startng nursery school together this week. I also found him to be very well behaved when we in the car and visiting his grandparents so this is how i worked out that is tantrums were a result of becoming bored the little rascal.

We get the results from LUke’s mri scan on the 19th of February so i will update you then.

Jordan went back to school today so my sanity should retrun slowly during the week. Luke went to his little school for a bit today, and we sat him up at the table on his special chair with the other little ones while they were having lunch, but seeings as we had only called in for a little while i did not bring any lunch for luke and he did not think that was good enough he was not going to just sit there and not eat while the others were having there lunch so he pinched a sandwich from the person sitting next to him and manged to grab a biscuit as well. Luke proved to me today that i can have faith in him to look after himself. My little man is growing up. His first full day there will be friday and he will have a lovely young man with him the whole time he is there. I am sure Luke will love the colourful and stimulating environment and enjoy being with the other kids. ONe of the little girls there is already in love with him i better watch him because he is a flirt.

Well that is all for now.

Luke like luke is going to just fine .GOOD NEWS

Awe…Luke is such a handsome little man! I bet you will be so excited to have a little peace and quiet for a couple hours while both of the kids are in school. I really laughed at luke taking food and eating even tho he had no lunch of his own. haha. We have had an awful snow and ice storm the last 2 days and today eric was told he needed to stay home from work. So I was really excited that I get to spend and entire day with him and also have him help me do some things around the house. Lol…we also decided to take our cats out in the fenced in backyard and I made a couple snow angles and they were really ready to come back it. It was so cute! Most of the town and cities around us here are without power so we are praying that ours doesnt go out as well. But if it does at least Eric is home with me. :slight_smile: I hope things are going good and I am so glad to know that lukes acting up wasn’t anything serious. i have been praying about that little guy so much and it is a relief. Give both of the boys a hug for me and have them give you one for me too. :slight_smile:

Hi Michelle, it is so nice to read the kids will start school soon. I am sure Luke will bring you even more surprises. xxx

Sounds like Luke is going to make himself right at home at school! lol

glad to hear all is going well,
hope the mri results is what you are wishing for…i have both you and luke in my prayers take carexxxx

Isn’t it amazing how children at the age just love school.

Well my darling boy was a champ on his frist day at nursery school, he loved playing outside the most and would not have a nap so they took him back outside to play, they also discovered that he bites a lot and that it takes 2 people to change his nappy. LOL

Well kids youve gotta love them ah? Im glad all is going well