Daniels update

Daniel has his neurosurgeon on the 28th jan…within the past three weeks daniel has moved out of his own home to go live with his dad as he is not able to look after himself in his own flat,Daniel has also now lost sight in his right eye and the left one is going the same way!..Curious to know if anyone else has also had these symptoms?..Daniel has decided to hopefully take the" risk "of any treatment that he MAY be offered when he see’s his surgeon…And being his mother i am “at my wits end with worry” :frowning: I know we should always look at the positive results and not the negative…But easier said than done when it happens to your yourself or member of a family is it ?Will keep you all updated on his visit to nuerosurgeon and Hopefully they can do something for Daniel just to get a BIT of his life back at least…

my prayers are with both you and daniel at this time…hang in there and try and stay positive…my avm also stole the vision from both the left quatrants of both my eyes …sending lots of positive energies your way and hope you guys hear soon about a treatment…thinking of you xoxox

hey its daniel