Daniels update 19thfeb

Daniel had a shunt put in to drain the pocket of fluid that was causing significant pressure on his eyesight,Daniel has lost sight in his right eye but hopefully they have managed to save what sight he has left by doing the “shunt”…Daniel was 3hours in theatre and it so far was a success!!:slight_smile: Daniel is still in hospital feeling a bit groggy and drained but thanks to Dr Bhatt at Aberdeen hospital that Daniel has survived this high risk Op and that we now have Dr Bhatt having a meeting with top experts from all over the country to look further into AVM’s…and hope that we have Daniel back on the mend real soon :slight_smile:

i have been thinking of daniel…so happy to finally hear from you…so pleased to hear that something was done …still sending lots of positive energies and good thought your and daniels way …and may he have a speedy pain free recovery …and hoping that the meeting goes well and more can be done to treat the avm…stay strong and keep positive…healing energies to daniel and lots of positive energies to you …keep us updated xoxox

Hi June,

Here’s to Daniel’s continued recovery!

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June, glad to hear Daniel’s shunt procedure was a success! Not sure if it means much, but I went from age 13 to 31 living with my avm without ever checking on it!..I had a precautionary MRI in 05 to rule out any aneurysms within my avm. It wasn’t until the past year that I required any intervention. My point being, an avm is not a death sentence and ppl live their entire lives without even knowing the have one! I’m not sure how Daniel’s vision has changed, I have a partial peripheral loss in each eye. But nothing too extreme. My symptoms were worse until my recent embolizations. Recently determined that radiation is no longer an option for me, so I will continue to survive WITH my AVM. Also, several neurosurgeons have said it appears that the larger the avm, the less likely it is to bleed. Take that for what it’s worth, I wish the best for you and Daniel. The only really difficult things for me to accept was having to quit football at a young age and stop drinking! lol I’ve taken phenobarbital that has controlled my seizures since my diagnosis in 86’. Please keep us posted with Daniel’s success! -GK

Long time since we have been on here! Daniel had another shunt put in august 10 and he spent 6 long weeks in hospital before they decided to put the shunt in but this time through the chest instead of the stomach, AND yeah so far so good :slight_smile: he was getting so many infections when thru the stomach like every 2 months, but since they have done his last shunt he has been free from infection, Don’t get me wrong he still has his sight problems and tremor along with his balance, but he is now able to continue walking his dog and out and about more than he did 8 months ago . so great news…:slight_smile: