Daniels ruptured AVM


My AVM finally ruptured in the right front lobe of my head as I was on my way to the hospital to get a craniotomy last November, I had a stroke, and had to rehabilitate so I walked out of the hospital and inpatient rehabilitation in January. I’m so glad that the hardest part is behind me for now I put this off for 2 year in fear of having to face recovering from a stroke and I still faced it and survived. I have been given a great second opportunity with my life and it is definitely different not horrible just different. I had a lot of serious life crises happen during this event and I am still recovering from those more so then the craniotomy.

Thanks For All Your Encouragement and Support,

AVM survivor


Great to hear from you Daniel, and hope your recovery continues to go well. Its so unfortunate about your bleed while en route to the hospital. I agree the hardest part is in the rearview mirror but we all adjust in different ways for sure. I hope you’re managing the other matters and that is working out as best as possible. Take Care, John.


@prouddaddy268 Daniel I am sorry to hear about your rupture. I am not sure if you still have any paralysis from your stroke.
I wanted to let you know that USA is completing clinical trials in stem cells in the brain for Stroke and TBI victims that have paralysis.
Hopefully it gets fast tracked by the FDA .
I will be updating here as soon as hear more - my Stroke dr is part of the trials at Stanford .

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Life must go on Daniel. I am glad to hear of your recovery. For me and wife still have to wait for that magical moment for our son to recover. Over the last 4 years he is still in vegetative state, all his parameters and overall health conditions are stable.

Haji Mahadee


Dear Daniel. I hope you recover well. My son had a ruptured AVM in his left side. He got paralyzed in the right side. What was fundamental for his recovery was continuous rehabilitation therapy. The more you do the better you get. He installed lots of apps in his computer allowing for speech and coordination exercises.