Daily Headaches

Does anyone else get daily headaches or migraines? This is 6 months after my avm surgery. Getting to be unbearable at this point... Any suggestions

We have a coping with headaches sub- group. Click in groups at the top of the page. You may wish to try acupuncture or massage therapy too.

I have daily headaches. I don’t know what causes them. I originally found my AVM from a snowboarding accidet where I got a concussion The doctors aren’t sure if the concussion, AVM or injury to my neck are causing headaches. I’m on Topamax, baclofen and cymbalta with little relief. I am still searching for answers to what is causing these headaches. Have you seen any doctors about yours?

Yes, started at my gen pract said my neuroptic nerve was swollen. So I went to eye doc and did a field vision test and took a look at everything. To find I am losing vision and nothing was swollen.. They send me in for an mri with brain surgoens office. Mri comes up fine. Im feeling stuck at this point because no one knows whats wrong. Till I do more research to figure out that the hemianopsia (vision loss from avm)is causing it. So I found a neuro optomologist. Hopefully they can help get rid of the migraine I've had for the last 5 months...

Hopefully, the neuro opt doctor will find a way to help you. Please keep us informed as many of the members have these headaches. Hang in there, Hulagurl!