well i have had my 2nd embo. and well lets just say it wasnt the funnest thing ever. i have allready started loosin my balance and my doctor says it going to get worse after surgery. im scared. i have my 3rd embo on aug3 and they take the avm out on the 5th.
i would really like to hear from others how its gone after surgery… how do u feel afterwards??

Take a look at the very first blog post on my page, I went in to quite a bit of detail about my surgery and the recovery period. Please note, however, that I have a friend that has had brain surgery twice by the same surgeon that did my surgery and his partner. Her surgery was not for an AVM, but a large cancerous tumor. Her recovery was almost nothing in comparison to mine. Look at some of the stuff that Krystal has posted on this site as well. She had some surgery a few months ago and it s amazing how quickly she has recovered. I guess what I’m saying is that every round of brain surgery is different, so it’s almost impossible to predict exactly what to expect after the surgery, but it will at least give you an idea of possibilities.

Nathaly, i wish you the best in your 3rd embo as well as your upcoming surgery. Anticipating it can be the worst, you are scared out of your mind until the second you go under but when its done its done and you deal with everything afterward a step at a time. don’t get me wrong its not a walk in the park but try not to get ahead of your self, everyone’s experience is different and everyone heals differently. my experience was smooth compared to most peoples and i wish you the same.
prepare to feel out of it, like you have no idea what is going on and at the same time not caring this will last a while. Have someone stay with you once you are released. and prepare to be able to hear fluid in your skull and a soft jello like scalp for the first couple of weeks(it gross but it goes away). other then that maybe read up on peoples blogs, ask your doctor and search craniotomy in google that helped me a lot to find out what to expect, still not everything will be identical to your situation but at least it helps especially after surgery.
Again I wish you more then the best with everything you will be in my thoughts.
Take care and if you have questions let me know I will try and answer what I can from my experience.

i wish you all the very very best for your next embo and surgery…having surgery and the unknown is rhe scariest of all…try to stay strong and remin positive…you are in my prayers sending you lots of positive energies to help you thoug…its hard to know what to wxpect everyones surgery is different l

this is a sight you might find helpfull.
you are strong and you are in my prayers everyday.
it is a scarey time but have faith, you will do just fine my dear friend.
every recovery is different, we are hear for you. xxxxx

Agree with Margaret. Visit Dr. Taylor’s website for information that will help you understand what’s going on and how to help your brain bounce back.