Does anyone have any experience with taking the drug Cymbalta? I was just prescribed Cymbalta for my headaches and fibromyalgia like symptoms. I'm very hesitant to take any antidepressant but it seems that every doctor I try thinks I should be on one after everything that has happened with my AVM. I guess I'm just having trouble adjusting to the new norm still and I'm wondering if the side effects will out way the good that this drug may do. Any input would be helpful. I suppose it does make sense that my brain could have chemical issues after haveing brain surgery and a bleed. I'm just scared to further mess around up there.

Hi Nbuddle. Did the doctors explain why they preferred this drug over all the other types of Anti-depressants on the market? I did a search for you on hereā€¦

Hey Barbara. I'm guessing that the doctor chose this drug because its specifically geared towards pain. I do have general anxiety but its gotten alot better and my Xanax works for that when I need it. I'm not really happy about how the doctor went about giving me this drug though. He agreed with me that I didnt need an antidepressant for my anxiety and then snuck the cymbalta in when I asked about my body pain and constant headaches. He wouldnt tell me that it was cymbalta he was prescribing me he just sent the order right to my pharmacy. He deceived me and I'm not happy about it. Every doctor I've been to wanted me to try antidepressants and I think its a little too common place. I'm going to try a Pscyhologist and see what they think. Maybe it will turn out to be a good thing after all.

My primary care doctor prescribed me Xanax to deal with work stress shortly before my AVM was diagnosed. It made me really tired all the time, and I stopped taking it over summer break from school.

My new neurologist prescribed the antidepressant Nortriptylene to help manage my migraines & it works much better for me--it helps me sleep better & manage stress, both of which are HUGE migraine triggers for me.