Hey! Just wondering if any of you had the Cyberknife treatment? My doctor seems to think it would be a good treatment but also offered me the possibility of the traditionnal surgery.

Hi Sonia. There is a sub-group here you may wish to join…

Hi SoniaL,
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Hi Sonia,

I had the CyberKnife treatment back in June. This was the least invasive option to treat the small, residual AVM that was previously treated with the Emobolization procedure back in Feb of this year after I had my 1st (and hopefully, only) rupture! The only downside with CyberKnife was the 2-3 year wait to be deemed AVM FREE, however, this treatment certainly did have so many more positives compared to traditional surgery. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.


Hi SoniaL I was wondering where you would get the Cyberknife? My son had Gamma Knife at Toronto Western Hospital and has had excellent results.
How big is your AVM and how deep is it located?
You have had so much to deal with…I hope you have good support and a loving family.
My thoughts are with you.