CyberKnife next week

Well, the decision has been made. I’m going for CyberKnife next week… sooooo scared. Just had 25 rounds of radiation last spring for a cancer and now this… same hospital, same area… dont knoww if I will be able to handle this. Hopefully, I’ll be able to enjoy life a little more after this.

Just think how nice it will be to change your profile to obliterated!

You had the determination to fight before – you can do it again!! Prayers and thoughts are with you!

Keep the Faith, SoniaL…We here to support you if you need us! My thoughts and prayers…

You’re almost at the finish line Sonia and there’s a pot of Gold waiting for you! Please stay strong and know that you will be back to enjoying life sooner than you think. I had CyberKnife back in June and I feel myself getting stronger, healthier and so very excited for the day to change my profile to obliterated (thanks Barbara :)!).

Prayers are going out to you my friend!

Sonja, what a strong woman you are! As my dear Twin Louisa said, we are here if you need us!!
All the very best. My thoughts & prayers are with you. God Bless.xx


How are you doing? I know you were to have cyberknife last week and were, understandably, pretty scared, especially after everything else you have been through