Cyber Knife?

So we have just found out that ottawa will be getting cyber knife in may…has anyone had or heard of anyone recieving this treatment??? is it better? side effects?? Please let us know anything you know…
thanks a bunch!

Hi Ashely…Cyberknife is much like gammaknife except that you don’t need to have the halo screwed into your skull. The cyberknife is programmed so that if you move, the machine will move with you. It basically does the same thing though…it will give you pin point radiation strait to the spot of the AVM so slowly shrink and scar it over time so that it won’t harm you. I personally have had the gamma knife but later worked in a hospital that treated with cyber knife. The end result of both is similar. I can’t tell you much more as I have had the gammaknife but hope that helps a little.

thanks for the info…are the side effects basically the same?? i’ve been hearing a lot of people experienced brain swelling with gamma knife.

They should be the same side effects…possible brain swelling at the site, headaches, hair loss (only at the spot of the radiation). For me with the gamma knife I lost a small patch of hair 2 of the four times and didn’t experience any swelling that caused me problems other than headaches. Another side effect could be seizures or increase in seizures but if you know your body and keep up on your meds you should be good.

Asley I had Cyberknife. I had very few side effects…only hair loss and was tired for a few weeks no headaches, The mask kinda freaked me alittle but it was painlessGo to my page I have pictures. If I can help you in any way please let me know…Oh and my main feeder is gone only 2 small ones left. GOOD LUCK

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