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Cyber knife

hi all i was wondering if anybody on here has had cyber knife treatment on a spinal avm and if so what was the outcome and side effects if any my doctor has suggessted i have it done in the future so im just curious to hear if anybody else has had it done

Hi Padraig!

I had CyberKnife treatment last summer (June, 2011) for the residual AVM that remained in my brain after an embolization treated over 85% of my AVM. I choose CyberKnife as this was the least invasive and risky option that they presentetd to my family and I. The side effects that I did experience were extreme fatigue initially which decreased with time and some partial hair loss (circle size dots on the right side) where the beams were targeted. The outcome of this treatment has been a miracle for me as I received my AVM-FREE report on May 4, 2012 :)!!! And I give all the glory to God for that and the many other Blessings this AVM has brought into my life. If this is the option that your doctor is recommending, I would put my trust in your medical team and feel good about having this procedure as an option :)!

Hope this helps and please do feel free to ask any other questions that you may have.


hi michele thank you for your reply my dr. also said the same as you that its the least invasive option because my avm is actually inside the spinal cord so it is to risky to do any other surgery but he told me to wait a couple of years as it has only started to be used here in ireland and to see what the outcomes are.congratulations on your news about your avm that is fantastic news its great to hear a good outcome you must be very happy did it take you long to recover from having cyberknife treatment as in when you had embolization did that take longer to recover from thanks again