Cyber knife

Hello everyone it’s been awhile. So I had cyber knife in March . I have been doing really well has a CT scan a month ago all was good .
I have been having some dizzy spells the last week or so. I don’t know if it’s related . I have no headaches nothing . My CT scan showed very very little swelling basically nothing my neurosurgeon told me. Has anyone had this?

Hi, @Chloe

Most people find that some effects start at about 6 months post zap, so I think your slightly odd feelings could be related. I don’t know at what stage you should chat with the doc as to “should I expect this?” but always feel as though you can contact them if you’re concerned. Others may be able to help better.

It’s good to know it’s going well.

Very best wishes,


Yea I’m going into
Month 4 . Other than some
Dizziness I have nothing else . Thanks for the feed back .

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