Cyber knife Scheduled for October 8th!

Yeah…I am so relieved to get this over with…of course I am also rather anxious. What worries me most is my claustrophobia in connection with the mask I have to wear to keep my head still. They cut a pretty big hole in it but couldn’t do anymore without compromising the mask. I also anticipate having a hard time staying still for up to two hours…I’m kind of a restless, twitchy person. They said I’m allowed to have a break but they don’t encourage too many because then the process would just take longer. I’m glad they will let me bring some cd’s to listen to…I think that will help. My parents are coming up for it and I’m going to get them to take me to my favorite Japanese restaurant afterwards. I’ve heard that miso and seaweed are good for alleviating the negative effects of radiation. (and I just love Japanese food)

Well…I also am planning to quit smoking with the help of Chantix…my ex is using it and he says it has really helped him with the cravings. I set my quit date for November !st because I wanted to have most of this cyberknife finished before I embarked on the stress of quitting smoking.

Try to hang in there I know it is tough. I was able to teach myself over the years how to meditate because of the many many test and things done. Did you ask if there is something they could give you to help relax you? The laying still is also hard for me especially since I have athritis and it hurts. I just keep telling myself during the gamma knife’s and Lineac procedures that it will only be worse if they have to start again so I deep breath to relax my body and think of pleasant things to get through it the first go round. As far as CD’s I have one that is the sound of hump back whales and the ocean which is very relaxing to me instead of music because that gives me a headache. I also need to quit smoking (AGAIN quit for 18 years and went back). Hopefully i can do it on my own again just waiting for my daughter and husband to find their own place. It gets a little nerve racking sometimes and I use it as my crutch. I know I should not but I do…Good luck let us know how things go.

All my best
Lee Ann