Cyber knife radio surgery


I am 38 and my AVM was discovered following two consecutive seizures back in June.

I am interested in connecting with others who have selected the cyber knife route for a larger avm -- mine is about 5 cm, spetzler 4/5. They tried to embolize a couple of weeks ago but found it too risky. So they are doing a segmented cyber approach with two sessions 6 months apart.

I'm feeling a little funny two days out of the procedure -- mostly exhausted, a little nauseous, and slightly numb around my left eye -- same side as the avm. Is this normal, especially in the first few days? They also gave me a pretty heavy duty seizure medication in the hospital. Are there any good alternatives to steroids if swelling should occur? I am feeling a bit of anxiety post treatment . . .

any input would be much appreciated! Thank you.