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Cyber Knife Radiation


Hello All,

I finally have received the start date to for my cyber knife radiation. I start June 1st 2016 and will do the cyber knife for 3 days straight, each treatment lasting about 40 minutes. I will be on a steroid for roughly 2 weeks during this time to help reduce swelling. A little nervous of the side effects of the cyber knife and the steroids. Hope the radiation doesn't make me feel crappy. Will be home the week of radiation due to swelling concerns...I will have a higher risk of seizure until the swelling goes down. Hope this kills the AVM for good.

Will post again after radiation. Hoping all goes well.


I hope it all goes well,From what I understand from the others that have had this treatment there is a long wait time before you can see the results but be positive and I am sure that it will have the desired affect :) , Take care and don't worry, This is a good thing and you will get anti seizure medication just in case of the seizures which are not as bad as a bleed from the AVM :) , So it all sounds like great progress :)



Thank you, Martin! I appreciate it. I will continue to stay positive, and I'm glad for the progress!


good luck! I just had cyberknife for my brainstem on May 5th. Getting another treatment next year. I hope they can knock this thing out for you!


Had my first treatment yesterday. My head hurt for a few hours afterwards but got better. Later at night I got extremely depressed. Not sure if this is a side effect of the steroid or radiation itself. Round 2 starts today and round 3 is tomorrow which is my last treatment.