Cyber Knife Procedure done!

Yeah!! The procedure went really well and the doctors say they think the one treatment will be enough. I certainly hope so. Right now I feel rather tired but otherwise pretty good. A lot of relief…I made it through and now begins the waiting to see if the brain worm will actually shrink away. They said I MIGHT have to have another treatment but it would be much shorter. This time it was a bit over 2 hours and I was very glad to have mussic to listen to while it was going on.

I’m glad I had cyber knife and not gamma…I just can’t even stand the idea of tihose halos.

Im so happy Dianne that its over,congrats to you and all will go great,just wait and see,yeah I agree about the halo…I had it,all I can say about that is YUCK!! hehe anyways rest and breath better,its done:) Caroline