I had my 6th procedure about 2 weeks ago. Dr. Yakes did an MRI before and he actually smiled as he said "we are making progress"! I had the angio at the time of the treatment. I did have the unfortunate circumstance of having a bit of ETOH leak from the vessels and have 2 wounds. Last time that was a huge issue so I have an appointment with the Plastic Surgeon to see if we can get these closed without surgery. Dr. Yakes said he put in 5 cc of 100% ETOH. I can tell some of the spots that he hit as my arm does not look as distorted. I really felt hope when Dr. Yakes said we were making progress - maybe an end in sight???

That's great, KB. Make sure you read the discussion about bioengineered skin at Extremity AVMs in case you develop one of those pesky ulcers.

"Making progress"...sounds terrific to me,KB!

Dr. Yakes actually was smiling. He is a man of few words and to see him like that was very encouraging. I have my next, and hopefully last for awhile, on Novemebr 21st. I was so happy when he told me - I know I need to not get to over excited as these pesky things can grow back.

I did see that and thank you. I am doing pretty well and my wounds are closing nicely - without surgical debridement!!