I had a phone consult with Dr. Lawton at UCSF last night. We have came to the conclusion that Gamma Knife is my best option. After 2 years of monitoring I will then have option to remove this thing in a safe manner. Any info, tips, or advice from those that have had this procedure please message. I am curious as to how you felt, any changes, concerns, any and all info helps to ease my mind. I know everyone is different but its interesting to hear and kind of gives me a heads up. Also, Jan 26th is when I found out about this and was very ill. I honestly thought I had the flu and was prepping to start a very good job the 28th. Since then I have been exhausted and have daily headaches. Some days are worse than others. I am normally a soccer coach, cheer coach, hyper active, bubbly person. I haven't returned to work due to waiting to see if I was having a big operation and because I am so tired or not feeling well. Does anyone know if there is assistance for this Gamma Knife procedure and has anyone had these symptoms? I am a rush rush person wanting to get this ball going and treated so I CAN begin working and get back coaching and such. Thank you all soooo much! I love this site and all the information. So helpful in such scary times with so many questions.

I wish you the best, Tana. Gamma, unfortunately, is not a rush-rush treatment, as it can take a couple of years for it to work, and there may be issues along the way. The headaches may continue. There could be seizures or other not-so-lovely side effects. It may not be an instant "back to normal" experience. But I will hope the best for you! Join our gamma group and read past discussions for fuller information:

I had a gamma knife 3 years ago and I’m due for another. It causes swelling in the treated area which can cause headaches and seizures. It can vary but I didn’t feel to great for about 2 months. Should be getting better soon.