hello friends thanks for your love and support so far!! just wanted to share that yesterday during a checkup angiogram I was given the all clear!!! WOOT WOOT!!! my doc (interventioal radiologist) said three magic words as he finished up the procedure “it’s all gone!” this came as a bit of a shock actually, as we went in expecting to hear I would have to have more surgery as according to the last MRI there appeared to be blood still passing through the AVM. So after two complicated embolizations and an ensuing stroke, then an extra op to retrieve a broken angio catheter from my carotid artery this year, you can imagine we were really over everything and wanting to move forward in our lives, and we now feel like we have been given the freedom to do so!!! Such a wonderful feeling… Hubby and I are so thankful and relieved, and our 3 year-old son seems to understand that I am finally all better which is great too. Doc called again today and just confirmed that yes I am CURED!! and do not need to see him or the neuro again, follow up MRI in 6 months, angio in 12 months. Sincerely hoping that there will be many more stories like mine to be read on here in the not too distant future…love to all. Carolyn

Carolyn, so excited for you!! You must be on that “cloud 9”! Best wishes for continued good news.

Yay…now you can write the word obliterated on your profile page!

Congrats! Isn’t it great news when they tell you that you are AVM Free? I’m so happy for you!

YAY!!! & a BIG CONGRATS to you! :slight_smile:

Yay Carolyn!!! ::: doing the Snoopy dance ::::: So excited to hear the good news! Congrats!!!

Congrats… Exciting news… celebrate this weekend:0)

This is AWSUM news Carolyn and thank you so very much for sharing with us! You’ve persevered thru so much and to hear those 3 incredible words, “it’s all gone” must have brought tears of joy to you and your family!!! Definately worth a very special family celebration and am so very happy for you Carolyn :)))!!! These are certainly the updates and stories that keeps me so very hopeful to know that I will be sharing my success story with all of my AVM family someday soon!!!

Many hugs to you as you celebrate good riddens :))!!

Congratulations & Celebrations Carolyn!!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful news with us…fantastic! All the very best for a wonderful, healthy & happy life together!

Good News!! Live each and every day to the fullest!

Great news Carolyn. Now you can share your journey with others on here, who need your positive support each day. keep on smiling … Tone


Great news Carolyn. Good for you!