CT Scan or Angiogram

I had a concussion (TV fall) and went to hospital and they did a CT scan.
I told them I had 3 embolizations.
I knocked a tooth out, it was aweful, so I was afraid bleeding inside the brain.

Anyway, they told me they DID find the coils (which are 1mm) and I left the same night.
The concussion was mostly because of super sleepy and my dog used to go in that room and bark. TV broke, so we placed another one, without securing it to the TV mount, and furniture had no lock. They say accident is a combination of a lot of bad things, and so it happened. I recovered half the tooth, and they glued it together after creating a replica.

ANyway, if they can see a 1mm coil made of platinum, I really really really think if my AVM would be re-growing, they would have told me HEY there’s an AVM re-growing there.

I went to a hospital that is not as good as HOAG but they told me it’s the best for neurology in my area.Now that I think about it maybe it would have been good to just go to HOAG the same hospital where they did the three embolizations.

ANYWAY, Doctor wants to do another angiogram since it’s been 1 year since my last embolization.

Doctor told me he did 100% obliteration.

I also know cerebral angiogram exposes you to 10 millisieverts of radiation.

SO, conclussion, if CT Scan (2 millisieverts) that different from cerebral angiogram?

I am hoping the doctor can let me do the angriogram, in September, 15 months after my surgery.
Then my mom will be in the country, and I would feel much better.

Anybody has any advice?
CT Scan vs angiogram?

I had no idea angiogram is 5 times more radiation.


At Barrow, where I was treated they have a whole set routine for me.

First it was CT - anything immediate, needs to find NOW.

Now, after over a dozen CT scans & 3 angiograms I only get MRI’s.

Since you have coils, from what I understand MRI’s are not an option - I think, not sure

But, yes - fluoroscopy is beyond more intense than a CT. It way more radiation - 5x the amount sounds about right.

I equaled mine out to CT’s, by now I’ve had the radiation equivalent to about 50 CT scans < that alone, sure don’t set well with me.

But, what other choices do we have ya know


It’s all a balance of risk. Like driving or walking to the shops. The key thing for me is that the docs are conscious of the radiation risk, so aim to keep it to a minimum, hence MRI as a check-up once they know what’s where.

I think MRI will depend on what the coils are made of. My radiology department wouldn’t MRI me until they knew exactly what was in my head, including batch numbers. Turns out I’m all glue, no coils (or brain! :rofl:)

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Coils are made of platinum

They are non magnetic

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Same here, all Onyx glue

Now they get me into an MRI faster than I have ever seen anything happen at a hospital

Completely agreed, all about the risk - when it was down to minutes of needing to know what’s going on in that nugget of mine, CT was their 1st line of defense.

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Hi there. I can only tell you what I know of the differences. A CT scan allows them to see the area around the brain. An angiogram is where they run dye through the ventricles to see where it goes and give them a greater understanding of your situation. If the medics think an angiogram would benefit you I would go for it. I have had both procedures multiple times and haven’t come to any harm as yet. Time will tell if the radiation has done any damage. But if its the price I have to pay for peace of mind I think its worth it personally. Good luck with whatever you decide.


Knowledge is power. While you still have control over your medical decisions I would definitely opt for the angiogram. Keep.in mind, however, that any test is only as good as the person reading them.

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I have always been told that Angio is the golden standard when it comes to AVM’s… I was shocked to see that you mentioned an Angio has far more radiation than a CT!!!

Anyway unless its really required I would get the angio done as it will provide the best result for the Doctors vs a CT… I had many MRI’s in the past to avoid radiation, however noticed the image is always an issue and due to past surgery my titanium aneurism clips always affect the image… God bless!

Shoot, you think an angiogram is a bit of radiation

Think of the fluoroscopy they are using while doing a embolization

I got their procedure down fairly well now. . . MRI 1st, then angiogram - at least that’s how it goes for me now

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