CT Scan: Clip holding my skull moving...? Also diagnosed w/ Anxiety Disorder

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I was diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder (which just adds to my cocktail....), and am taking medication for that, as well as for my sleep disorder. I mentioned the bumps on the top of my head and my forehead, and while he dismissed the one on top of my head as "air bubble," he told me to get a CT scan for my forehead, because when he felt it, he thought it might be the skull fragment moving.

I had no idea before looking at this that they took out a section so close to the center of my forehead! I thought everything was contained to the left side!

To the layman's eyes, it does look like the clips aren't on as firmly as the one on the left side is, which is barely visible, even levitating a little... (Other than the fact that my head looks like DARTH VADER!) But I'll have to wait for my neurologist to look at it and try to figure out what's going on.

Seems as though my encephalomalacia is a lot more extensive than I'd imagined...!

Keep us posted about the moving bone fragments, Hiro. Sorry about the anxiety diagnosis. I thought of you recently when I drove by a "Hiro's Restaurant" in the Tampa Bay area. Take care!

All of my doctors (neurologist, neurosurgeon, physician) said that it's okay, so I think I'm okay for now with the bone flap. I do feel that it's getting more and more prominent as the days go on, but as long as it's not moving, I'm okay.

And the anxiety is just another hurdle to tiptoe across. I think I'll figure it out. :)

And Hiro's Restaurant! What kind of restaurant was it, I wonder?? I'd love to visit it!

Research is showing anxiety disorders might be actual seizures

Really!! I’m going to have to look this up!