Crying for no reason?

Hi everyone…it’s weird. Last night, all of a sudden, I started crying, and crying, and crying. I wasn’t thinking about the AVM, in fact, I’m at a lovely retreat for my medical program and having a great time. It was a physical thing rather than a mental one. Anyway, things are regular today. I have a CT angio on the 23rd and a follow up appointment with my neurologist after that. I just hope I can finish my MD before things get crazy.


I really think it’s a stress thing. Hope you are okay.

My daughter is having her angio on the 23rd too. We will be thinking (and praying) for you on that day! :slight_smile:

Crying is a good way of cleansing the soul. We are need to cry sometimes.

I am not sure if mine has to do with AVM but I cry for no reason quite often. I think crying is good for you. I agree with Seans mom, it clenses the soul. Good luck with everything!

I’ve been there more often than I care to confess. Hope things are better now.

Thanks everyone! It’s nice to know you’re not alone. It’s really the evenings that get me. When I’m out and about, seeing patients, doing fun activities, I’m able to keep the AVM at bay. Take care!

Yes, I do understand your depression, But you have to be strong… I learned to take one day at a time and see what happens!..My depression was killing me too…Good luck and god bless…You will be on my prayers…

vera if you ever need someone to talk to i am here for you. we could go get mani, pedis to take your mind off of it. :slight_smile: anything you need i am here for you. its best not to bottle it up, so crying is probably a great thing to do. maybe talking it out with a professional would help too?

its a lot to be throw at your to deal with. your doing great but your not super woman and you dont need to handle it all on your own. if your having a bad day let us support your. :slight_smile:

your in my thoughts everyminute of everyday

Vera…we have all een this…I am a nurse and you are i med school…so you know more as well as I do and this whole situatio is life changing… you kjow as well as I that we store things in our subconscious mind but I always say also that tears cleasnse our soul… sometimes we need to as we also grieve another life of not going through what we are all going though… don’t be so hard on yourself… its the waiting that is the worse… always here fo ryou xoxo Mare