Cry or laugh?

Ok so today my doctor called. She told me that I probably had a stroke or that my AVM took to mutch blood from my speech center. She said she´s gonna try to do my operation sooner and that I hade to be carful and that this was a warning signal. My speech terapist told me almost the same thing. That I hade symptoms of a stroke or damage on the brain. None could promise that my speech will come back. But damn if I´ll give up. I´m gonna practice on my speech and I´m going to take myself trough this. And I´m going to survive!!!
I´m tired of people and I want to go far away from everyone. Don´t have the stenght to talk to people and just want to be alone. Love my family and friend more than anyting!!! Just tired of talking and not making my self understod.
So nothing fun to say today either. So good night everyone./ God natt