Crazy Week - Looking for Options

Well as we entered the last few days wait to rturn to IU medical I ended up rushing My wife to the ER early Friday morning with complications from her battle with Crohns disease. We finally got her home Tusesday. This also ment she missed the trip to IU medical on Monday to learn about options for Iain.

There was good news for Iain in that the weight restriction is being moved up to 20-30lbs and light exercise is okay but nothing that will increase blood pressure. The next sixth months will be the more critical time as relates to the hemorrhage possibly rupturing again. So he can enjoy his days but take it easy!

Realistically it was a somewhat of a heavy meeting. The IU neurological group confirmed that Iain’s AVM was too large and complex for them to even want to take the risk of treating it because its so large and spread throughout eloquent brain tissue! If we (or they) can find a surgeon anywhere in the US or beyond who feels he/she could tackle this successfully the IU team will be happy to assist IF there’s a safe (as safe as is realistic in this case) plan in place that can be discussed. We will be diligent to learn more and explore programs around the country and see what other surgeons may have to say and the IU team are helping with this.

So somewhere in all this we know that God is bigger than all of this. What exactly that means we will wait discover. For now we know we must REST in Him!

A real blessing in this however was that the doctor who was treating my wife mentioned that a nurse he knew from
His practice had been through something similar with her son. Janice came in to visit my wife on the day she would have gone with us to Indy. The opportunity to hear Janice’s story was so encouraging for our family. Janice thanks for sharing.