Crazy dizzy spells still

Does anyone have dizzy spells? I have these spells every now and then and they feel like I am on an elevator a suddenly drop 50 floors.It will be 6 years in July I had my AVM removed and I still get these if I turn to fast, put my head back, or lay without my head elevated. I still have not regained my balance it is way better, anyone taking any medications or any supplements for dizzy spells and balance issues. I just want to walk with a cane!!

I can relate lynnsey. I'm almost 4 years out and I still get dizzy very often. A few months ago I was having a lot of problems. I was dizzy almost constantly, to the point of nausea. My neurologist did a bunch of tests and didn't find anything definitive, just diagnosed me with vertigo. I tried a few appointments with a balance therapist to help with the balance. It didn't help, although I've found Yoga to benefit me more. I'm not dizzy constantly any more but always if I turn too fast or even slow for that matter. I've not tried any medications. I don't know of any meds that will help but I'd sure like to know if anyone has had any luck.

Hey Lynnsey!
Yes, unfortunately I'm dizzy all the time and same days are better than others and I had surgery that removed the AVM over 5 years ago. When I turn fast it gets really bad and it takes me awhile to recoop (makes driving that much harder). If anything, it's teaching me to slow down. :J

Currently I'm taking Meclizine for the dizziness (its available over the counter and typical used for travel sickness) but as you know, each AVM journey is unique. It might not work for you. Ask your doctor about it and see if it helps. Best of luck to you!

Suzy, thanks for the name of that med. I'm going to ask my doctor about it and give it a try.

thank you, i have taken that before but it was when i was much worst. i think i may try it again. what the heck!! the crazy thing on the caution stickers on the bottle of the script says may cause dizziness! funny!

Hi Lynnnsey, Me too. My dr. put me meds for vertigo but, it doesn't help. I go to a chiopractor and he helps me the most by putting my neck in. My problem is, it doesn't stay in. But, it does help. It may worth a try for you.