Craniotomy/ Stroke after ruptured AVM---new issue: robotic procedure?

Hi all, looking for any information regarding having a robotic procedure after a crainiotomy/stroke for a ruptured AVM in May 2010. Concerned about the operating table being inverted during a robotic procedure with my head tilted downwards. Any thoughts, feedback or experiences would be helpful. Thank you! Brooke

Hi Brook. I would speak to both your neurosurgeon as well as the surgeon performing the robotic surgery about this issue. Maybe they can connect with each other and discuss possible issues and or complications arising from this.

When asking about rock climbing after my cran/stroke/AVM rupture my neurosurgeon said mo inversions for extended periods of time. But, I thought it was because of my shunt

Thanks so much! That was my initial thought about the inversion for a couple hours being a bad idea!

I wasn't given any such restrictions after my surgey but then I don't have/didn't need a shunt.