Craniotomy people: is this normal?

I live in south Texas and here we get a lot of heat and humidity and not a lot of rain or storms. For the last week or so I've been getting these weird pangs in very specific areas of my crani scar. It's the typical C-shape crani scar beginning just behind the hairline near my forehead and circling back to the front of my ear (typical, like I said, C-shaped scar). These pangs started just after the tornadoes in Oklahoma like at least a days drive away from me.
I wear my hair down to hide my scar but the pangs feel like when you wear a pony tail and you have that one hair pulled way too tight in the back and it kind of hurts so you rip the hair out just to get rid of the entire problem lol. I am constantly feeling my scar to see if it is in fact a weirdly stuck hair or something and it is not because the pangs continue.
Every time I feel these pangs, there's a storm within the next 24 hours. I don't know what type of screws are in my head; I can't feel them and I don't have massive mounds of scar tissue at all. What I'm wondering is this:
Does it sound silly to assume these pangs are my screws reacting to electricity in the air? I really think it's just static electricity or something. The storms latey are just some lightning and thunder, very little rain ...we need more rain here :/ I have cried out a couple times because the pangs are very sudden, unexpected and random but they are always in the same dang spot. Is this normal? I don't feel overly concerned but this the rest of my life?
"Storms a brewing! My head has alerted us all by shocking me with the smallest taser known to man!" just started raining outside...

That hasn't happened to me, but it could be related to the electric currents or the change in pressure before or during a storm. I don't have screws though.....

Is it "normal"? Generally speaking, no, but to have odd, unexplainable symptoms after surgery that come as a result of changing weather? Very normal. Extreme changes in weather give me all sorts of symptoms, and my surgery was almost 8 years ago. It's not a daily thing, but it does seem to happen more frequently in the summer. In my case, I know that the heat certainly plays a role, and it seems even more profound if the weather is very dry. I wouldn't say that I feel like I am getting zapped, but it is uncomfortable.

Oh, and for what it's worth, I frequently use welding equipment, which has enough electricity floating around that it melts steel in the blink of an eye and I have titanium pins in my skull, but I never feel any type of symptoms as a result of the welder. So I would assume that the feelings you are having are not physical electric jolts, but could certainly have a lot in common with the aspects of weather that cause lightening... Changing from high pressure to low pressure, for example.

No craniotomy but I can feel the barometric pressure changes that accompany storms

It just feels really weird, like a very small shock. I don't think it's like an actual jolt, at least not one big enough that could even be measured. It's been two years since the crani and this only started happening within the last 30 days and the 'storms' have been...different than what should be happening this time of year. I usually get the normal "Oh there's a pressure change, my head feels it" whether it's because of a storm or two points drop or rise in temperature but I don't know this is just different. Maybe it's something in the air with these 'storms.' They aren't even real storms, it thunders for 20 minutes, few flashes of lightning, couple drops of rain and then it's like nothing happened and it's sunny and hot again.

I experience something similar although I wouldn't call it painful really. Whenever the pressure changes my scar tingles a bit and itches. Like Jake said it's kind of "noral". My surgery was 5 years ago.

I'm a little south of Houston. My crani was for my aneurysms, not my AVM, but a couple of months post-crani, I started getting these random twinges at my scar--I called them my Harry Potter pains. That was 2 years ago & they are now very rare--like months in between.

I have, however, always had increased headaches/migraines due to changes in barometric pressure. I had the typical end of school year headaches starting in the middle of last week and the storms going through the Houston area didn't help any. I spent Saturday night & most of Sunday with an ice pack on my head. Finally started feeling better yesterday, even with the thunderstorm I drove through bringing my mom back from her appt. in Houston.

looks like you got an alarm in your head there kristi, sucks that it comes with the pain tho', maybe you didn't feel it before because the earth's magnetic field was different, it changed after the 21st of December last year, it's a scientific fact, you say that the storms feel different it's because they are! our mental antennas are in tune with our earth, hollywood & comic books taught us that mental powers are cool, but reality tells us they HURT! and make us look either crazy or possessed; and people get scared of them, it's a typical reaction to the unknown or the unexplained, happens a lot to me; i can be singing a tune that's not been in regular radio airplay for years, and as soon as i turn on the radio, it's there; people around notice, might be a coincidence, but after it happens a LOT! people tend to freak out, like how did you know?; don't worry, it's a gift, albeit a painful one, stay strong!

I don’t have ant supper powers, its just not fair… I do get twinges in my scar tissue but its not in tune with the weather, shooting pains but I’m only two months post surgery and I’m guessing its very normal. :slight_smile: