Craniotomy patients, how long was your head numb?

I had a craniotomy on March 1. I had a lot of headaches before the surgery, but even after the surgery, the few I had were not near as painful. I am blessed. I had pain after the surgery, but as you know, my entire head/neck was numb, so I didnt feel incision pain etc. Last week, I started to feel more and more pain. That results on me not being able to turn my head no matter what direction very much because I can feel the pain now. The surgery was in the brainstem, so my incision is on the right side, start at top of my neck and goes up to about an inch above my ear.
I am not sure what I am asking here. haha I guess I am just surprised for this late coming issue. I also feel the screws. hahha I always knew I was screwed up in the head!! hahahaha I was told I wouldnt feel them because this area was supposed to be numb for a very long time. Did any of you regain sensation so quicky? Brushing my hair on the side is torture too, I think I will just go get mohawk haha I have a very high tolerance to pain and it is not disabling me in any way, just find it so odd and it is so weird to feel that.

My 4 surgery sites have varied sensations of numbness & sensitivity, and yeah, I too can feel the 'screws' or hardware used to put humpty-dumpty back together again! LOL ;)
However, if you're feeling exceptional pain, or just need to verify if this is normal for you, a call to your neurosurgeon is justifiable. :)