Craniotomy done

Well, the doc said Paul came through like a champ and the op was a success. He’s still in the NCCU, still a bit groggy and wiped out, but he is speaking and the prognosis is good.

Thanks to all for their good wishes and keep them coming for a speedy and complete recovery.

More later…

Super Hurrah!!!

Very happy for all of you!

Congratulations & continued well-wishes!!!

Been waiting to hear the great news, Beth! Yehhhhhhhhh

Great news…Congratulations!

Hi Beth, so happy for you and Paul and is FANTASTIC to hear that everything went so smoothly. The power of prayer really does work :-)))) and our higher powers will guide him thru his speedy and complete recovery!

Keep the faith and God Bless!

Hay great news, all the best with a speedy recovery :slight_smile:

Kia Kaha Tiaki