Craniotomy done and problem solved

Hello all

I have some very good news.
I went for a craniotomy about 3 weeks ago. My doctors were amazing. The doctor put
some clips in the parts were the veins were to big. My veins were to big so the blood
flow were to slow.

The clips needed to block the big parts off and form some sort of a blood clot. The clot moved uped to high and my brain began to swell and i could not speek for about 24 hours.

But still I am happy I did that, the doctor gave me some shots to thin the blood again
and he said this way the blood will flow faster and the veins will shrink.

I have no sound in my ears from that stupid avm dural fistula that i had. No pain

Today is my last day resting before i must go back to work, my main message is:

Don't wait until it is to late

I was also very scared but now I am so greatfull!!!!

Good luck to all reading this.

I'm so glad it went well, scarycat!

Thank u for sharing ur brave story scarycat :slight_smile: I hope u continue to heal and may God bless you!!

Thank you for posting your amazing progress. Congratualations!

Amazing progress to go back to work so quickly. It took me over two months, and still I went back too fast. Take it easy and enjoy the ride.