Craniotomy coming Thursday

Hi all,

Just wanted to write this post to say that I wil be having my craniotmy operation this coming Thursday. Please keep me in your prays. Thank you so much. Also I was just wondering about how I would be feeling after the operation. I am just curious and anxious. Thanks guys.

Hi SDC. Your energy level will be low. In other words you will be tired. The good news…you will be so relieved to have that beast out of your head…you wont’t care!

Hey SDC,
Good luck with your surgery. I'll keep you in my prayers. :)


Hey...keepp u in my prayers,,, all will be ok- and u will be rid of that fucker in ur head...keep ur chin up and take care , <3

Hi all,

Thanks for the insight. Two more days til my operation and i find myself calm but at times I get nervous. Will this feeling get worse the closer the time comes? How will the pain level be?

Its natural to be nervous and anxious but be positive and have will be fine and we will keep you in our prayers. God bless and post here as soon as you are able to to advise us how your operation went!

SDC, In my case, when I woke up, I felt no pain at all. I was just glad to see my family standing by my bedside. You will be in my prayers! Stay Strong and Stay Positive!

As Barbara said, you'll be tired & wanting to sleep. Rest is so good & essential for your healing brain, so plan on getting LOTS of it! :)
For me, pain was minimal, yet I NEVER refused pain meds.
Take care & hope all goes well.

Just wanted to say to hang in there. There miggt be some tough times but you will get through this with the Lord's help. Be patient and listen to your family and the med staff, and tell them when you have problems and trials so they and the med staff will help you get though them. God's speed for a great recovery fron a +8 year crainiotomy AVM survivor.

Hi SDC! YOU will be in my prayers tomorrow and the days that follow as you approach the next step to being AVM FREE :=)! May God Bless your surgeonn with skill hands to perform this surgery with ease and perfection for complete Healing. May He also Bless YOU and your family with Peace and Strength in the coming days leading to a complete and full His precious Name, AMEN!


Surgery will be scary! When I woke up It wasn’t as painful as my emboilaztion’s too be honest. I was blind for about 3 days. Than my vision got better. My prayers will be with you and I hope you have a great recovery! Won’t be easy but god will see you through like he has us all…

I think it is different for every person, after mine I was extremely tired & sleeping for most of the day for about a week-10 days, however I was out of hospital after 3 days. The headache went away after about 2 weeks as well it was just hard sleeping on the side of the scar. Good luck with the surgery and your recovery.

Good luck!!! you are in my prayers! please keep us posted~

Hello SDC..
One thing for sure,.. you will be better after the operation....
Wish you well.... be strong :) ...
Your in my prayers ...
Get well soon...