Craniotomy can now be checked off my list of things to do :)

hello all you beautiful survivors, just had my surgery last week and I’m already feeling great ! Dr. Lawton is amazing !

So glad to hear you are doing well. You're really getting through that bucket list, huh?! :) Also glad to hear more accolades for Dr. Lawton. He seems to be terrific!

Hi Monica, I'm soo glad your feeling great and that can only be a good thing :) , I too felt great after my second one , The first one not so much as it was after a major bleed :( , But the second one was AVM removal. I hope your still doing well and now feel like you can start looking forward with life and planning things normally and not round health :) , Good luck and take care :)


Congratulations! That's wonderful news!

I am so glad you are feeling good!! Keep that feeling with you!!

thanks for all the encouragement everyone, I do appreciate it :slight_smile: