Craniofacial AVMs and flying

Hi Guys , can anyone give me info about flying . My daughter who is 7 has a craniofacial AVM part of her symptoms are nose bleeds which she get quite regularly although the bleeds have been minimised by the drug Tranexamic acid . I wanted to take her to see my parents but that would involve 4 and a half hours flight time , does anybody think this is dangerous ? Doctors in the UK vary on their views , i want to be cautious but i dont want her AVM to totally govern her life . George

Hi, George, this issue has come up a few times before: see

Try asking in the Extremities Group, and see what other facial AVMers have to say about it. If Nicole's AVM is superactive and lots of bleeds right now, maybe wait until another time or meet your parents halfway, but if it's been quiet lately, then the flight would probably be okay.