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Cranial Nerve Information Needed

Hi - I’m not going to repeat all that I had done - but I’m three weeks post a major embolization procedure. (read my other post if you want to know more on that). The procedure went well, recovery, eh, not so well. While I’m getting better in some ways, my hearing in my left ear is gone, my left cheek and around my eye are numb, my voice is hoarse and hard to understand quite often. I was at the eye doctor (per my Neuro doc’s recommendation) and he said that around my eye is my 5th cranial nerve that is numb. The hearing issue in my left ear is the 8th cranial nerve and the hoarseness in my voice is from the 10th cranial nerve. Apparently, all three of them were either damaged or compressed in the procedure and the recovery - and none of them have shown signs of improvement yet. So my questions if anyone knows or has insights - is there any way to figure out or any sort of timeline that says, “if you haven’t seen any significant improvement by ______ then it’s going to be a very long time, if ever?’” Or any other insights into where, how or what if anything can be done? Just trying to understand a bit more what I’m dealing with. Thanks in advance… Tom

Hello Tom -

I am post embolization number two 4 weeks tomorrow — unfortunately cranial nerves 2,3,4 were involved. Woke up with left eye vision loss and eye completely closed. Cranial nerve 3,4 are recovering well with eye tracking and almost completely open. No vision improvement though. I too have numbness and soreness remaining at bridge of nose and around eye, eye brow, forehead, scalp - told by doc this is due to my AVM being in the dura and that is where they were embolizing. Doc tells me he’s hopeful that improvement will take 3 months but at that point if no vision return he will be less optimistic. I’m trying to be positive as mine didn’t bleed or cause other catastrophic effects - but obviously I can’t drive and have lost a ton of independence… I hope you continue to receive daily improvements etc