Crainial Angiogram tomorrow :(

I.m really not looking forward to this and feel scared and worried. Would be grateful if anyone who has had this done would share their experience,



I've had the cerebral angiogram and be honest I thought it was easy!

Not being at all squeemish, I watched the whole thing, saw him feed the line through my groin up into my brain, saw my brain on the screen, saw the dye go in... everything, it was really quite fasinating. Felt fine straight after, went home that evening on the condition I kept my leg straight for the first day because of the puncture site and I was walking around the next day. I felt a slight bruise, but there was nothing visable and the site healed quickly. I've never had any problems from it.

I hope yours goes well.... I'll be having another next wednesday in prep for my gamma knife the same day.

Edited to say...

Just realised you have already been through so much and this will show you if it's worked.... no wonder you are so scared and worried, bless you, I pray you get the answers you need. X

Yvonne…I also thought it was easier than I expected. The Doctor who performed it made me laugh…said really funny things that got me through it! I also watched the whole thing…Stay stronge…and let us know you did. I’ll pray for you to have peace and serenity tomorrow…You’ll do just fine!

I jsut had one done last week not that bad of an experience. They did blow the vein so it was a little painful for me. But for most people that has had one done it is not painful at all, so in reality don;t worry it really shouldn’t hurt they are standing right there with pain meds so if you hurt let them know and they will give you something for it. The most you feel is the contrast going through. But the part that sucks the most is the laying still for the six hours afterwards and not being able to move. But best of luck, and let us know how it turns out. Tonna

Yvone, You are going to be fine, Honest! The first one I had done, I was nervouse too. It turned out to be a walk in the park. Since then, I’ve had quite a few of them. The only part I didn’t like was, after wards I had to keep my leg still for a few hours. And there wasn’t a darn thing good on TV! But, I got to eat ice-cream (thats what I asked for). Then I was happy again. LOL Good Luck!!


Ive had quite a few of these done recently. Only one has been fed through my groin. The others were thru the arm. I had soft music playing in the background and my docs were all very nice. Drink lots of water afterwards and you may feel a bit woozy but this feeling will subside. I pray it goes well for you.

Good luck today. Hope you get the good news you’re hoping for !!

When I had my first one done I wasn’t nervous until they started describing the risks which I didn’t care for one bit right before the procedure. I’m sure they are all different but the doctor didn’t let me see what was going on even though I was ‘mostly’ awake for the whole thing even though I was having these amazing dreams/hallucinations, the ceiling had turned into railroad tracks that took me through an upside down pine/cedar forest and eventually to sand dunes with lots of people waiting there to talk(don’t remember about what)… the doctor was getting frustrated though telling me I wasn’t supposed to talk due to increased risk which I responded with repeated apologies and promises to keep quiet while he worked :smiley: one thing I must emphasize is make sure they don’t under weigh you when they are judging for your anesthetic, they under weighed me by 20 lbs. though not terribly painful was disconcerting becoming fully aware during the last portion of the procedure. not to worry you, just make sure any new assistants know how to use a scale :slight_smile:

Hi everyone, thank you for your replies they were really helpful. I had the procedure yesterday. The experience I had was awful. After they put the anaesthetic in and they got started putting the catheter in it was incredibly painful. After 5 mins of intense pain they decided to remove the catheter and put a sheath in. I’m not sure what this was but it was less painful but still painful around the wound site. The warm feelings were as described by everyone but as they did it very close to my face the burning sensation that flushed across my face and brain was overwhelming. I am glad it only lasted a few seconds. All in all I hope I never have to have one again as it was much worse than I ever expected. I don’t wish to scare other people but I feel I need to be honest about my experience. I was kept in overnight. I think this was due to my history of thrombosis and they were just being careful. I was able t speak to my surgeon about the results the next day. The outcome is I need to have Gamma Knife surgery. I am still a bit shocked by this and don’t really know what it entails. I will ask around on here for advice and for peoples experiences. Thanks again everyone. Take care xx

Yvonne,  I'm sorry you had a bad experience.  I hope for your sake, you don't ever have to do it again either..    If it makes you feel any better...My last angio, I had a seizure right in the middle of it.    The doctor had to give me emergency meds to continue.   I was even sedated when it started.  LOL   My doctor was nice about though.   I just through him a curve.   He told me later that I spooked him.  Ha HA

Yvonne, Sorry about your experience, sounds like yurs went like mine. and i agree with you I never want to go through that again. Hope you are doing good now !! Tonna

I have my first angiogram next week. i hope i have a good experience. I'm already nervous :(