COVID 19 Vaccine and Grade 5 AVM

So sorry you’re dealing with this!

I would just really encourage her to just listen to your doctors. And, if it helps any, I am fully vaccinated with Pfizer and have a grade 4 AVMs in my left arm.

Also, remind your mother how much more important it is for us to be protected against COVID since this disease could effect us so strongly! An inflammatory disease is honestly my worst nightmare as a person with AVMs and would rather the possibility of vaccine side effects than the definititive outcome of contracting COVID.

Hope it helps and that you get vaccinated ASAP!!!

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Hi Danni my daughter had an AVM rupture at 17 4 years ago but she underwent 8 hour surgery to hv it removed and like you shes also on kepra it has took her 4 years to basicly get back to living her life .she took covid during pandemic and was Realy unwell but she is now Double jabbed and has been for some time x im sure what ever descision you make it will be the right one x Mothers worry terrible especialy when your child has or has had AVM Take care God Bless Anne from
Scotland UK xx


It’s your life and your body so take as much advice as you want and then make your choice.
In terms of a lack of research then yes but when will there be enough research relevant to your circumstances. If you were to bleed you could end up with a really long time in hospital and be in much more danger without the vaccine.
I am fully vaccinated primarily to enable me to travel. That’s what I like to do.
Good luck battling your mum though.
P.S. if your mum got covid who would look after her?

This is just a brief fyi…the vaccine does not prevent you from transmittinng it.

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FYI I’ve seen top neuros for consults at Northwestern (Chicago), University of IL Chicago, and Mayo Clinic in the past two weeks and asked them if they had any issues with me getting a booster for my unruptured SM Grade II-III AVM. No one had any concerns except for perhaps not getting a booster just before or after surgery. I already had Pfizer in March/April 2021 before I ever knew I had an AVM. No drastic reaction, though the second shot did slow me down for about 12 hours with body aches, fever for a couple of hours, and a low grade headache. The next day I was fine. And it was two months later that they found the AVM after two severe headaches that I haven’t had since. The AVM has been there for at least 15 years if not my whole life and I’m 60 y/o.

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I have same concerns as your mom. I sirvived a stage 5 ruptured brain avm on june 14, 2021 I sw friends get really sick after the vaccine and I just need to heal my brain first before I stress it more. I too was on keppra and finally stopped taking it on sept 7th after talking to my neuro surgeon. I feel better then again mine ruptured and everyone is different. Do what your body tells you. I have a strong immune system

I also was born with mine, age 54 never found it… It ruptured. Prayers for you for speedy recovery after surgery

I just wonder how many vaccines and boosters one needs and boosters for boosters and more boosters or those boosters.