Countdown has begun, tomorrow MRI and then the day after embolization!

Looking so much forward to start the fight on this AVM and it´s annoying symptoms, so I can get closer to the day I can say "I am AVM free"!!!!

One last question about embolization;
How long time did you stay on the hospital after the treatment? Also it would be nice to hear how people felt the first time after comming home - did the embolization give any relief of symptoms?

thanks for taking the time to read this :-)

hi allan im now AVM free i had a craniotomy on 12/11/14 to remove my AVM in my cerebellum i was down for 10 hours and i spent two days in neuro intensive care and another 5 days on a neuro ward. Am recovering well but i still get headaches an have a few issues with my balance which i didnt have before operation i also get tired and my wound is still tender and sore but im AVM free and my risk to my life has gone. i was diagnosed on 12/01/14 and was advised to have operation to remove it as was best place for operation but would be fatal if i had a bleed. hope all goes well and just remember to take each day has it comes good luck

Good luck allan!! I finally have a treatment plan too which I’m posting in general discussion


Good luck Allan! I’m sure you’re going to get rid of your AVM soon :slight_smile:

thanks for the reply Amanda :-) Time to go to bed and be ready for tomorrow..

Thanks Caroline... looking forward to read about your treatmentplan when i get on the other site of the embolization. Take care.

Thanks river... only 9 hours to the treatment starts.... :-)

Best wishes, Allan! Stay Strong & Positive!

Thanks Louisa... I will try my best :-)

I know it is very hard to be relax but just think positive and be strong! Your doctors will do the best!

Good luck and God Bless Alan!
My son had an successful embolization four years ago and he is now AVM free.

Be positive!

Best of luck and Modern medicine.
Mama G

I was already in the hospital due to AVM rupture and once I stabilized I had an embolization done to "kill" the AVM (which was still there, in spite of rupture). I don't remember feeling badly at all after the procedure. After resting 1 day, I had a craneotomy to remove the blood clot and the AVM (which the doctor was very pleased, pronouncing it as "dead!"). I was released from the hospital about a week later, probably a longer period due to also having brain surgery. The biggest side effect was fatigue -- massive fatigue -- which results from the energy used by the brain trying to heal itself. But I no longer had any headaches. I never realized that my head always hurt...not always incapacitating levels, but just "there" and I would constantly be rubbing my forehead to ease it. I hope you get great relief from the procedure. Best of luck to you!!

Hi Allan After my first embolization I had to stay in hospital for a week, the second one almost one month. Good Luck on your road to recovery!

Allan. Next Wednesday will be a year ago that I started my trips to Richmond va to work on my avm. Mine started with an angiogram to map out my brain , then feb. I had first embolization. In March had last embolization and put my flap back on. Then in May they had to go back in and irrigate my brain because they found an infection My head hurt more each time they opened me up but I was determined not to take a lot of meds. I was back at work in June No you will never be the old you but please accept you for who you are now and be determined to be a survivor

Hi Allan

I had 4 embolisations before the craniotomy and after each embo I was in neuro hdu for 24 hours afterwards before then being allowed home. My crani was another matter - I didn’t get home until six months later. :frowning:

I didn’t really have any symptoms after the embolisations that I remember. I hope yours all go well and you’re on the road to recovery very soon! :slight_smile:

Hi Allan:)
I spent 5 days at the hospital after embo.

Good luck and take care:)

Hi Allan I wanted to wish you luck. In February of 2008 I had an embolization done on 2 AVM’s which had bled in Aug of 2007. I was completely under for the embolization and was in the Neuroward for 2 days. There are some side effects like occasional headaches ( not too bad ) and some balance issues. I then went back for a follow-up angiogram 4 months later. All is well I have had follow-up MRI’s to ensure that there is no bleeding. Thank g-d all is ok.
Hang in there and have faith. God Bless

Best of luck to you!
Post Embolization I woke up with a smashing headache, lasted about a day or so. was inpt 2 days and that was that. of course in my case the neurosurgeons realized midway it was going to be unsuccessful in obliterating it so the procedure wasn't completed. If it was maybe the hospitalization and such would have been different.

Hi Allan,

Wishing you a smooth embolization and the day you can say you are AVM free! I had my embolization for my DAVF and was in hospital for 3 days (had some complications with swelling in my legs from fluid retention). That was 6 months ago. I go back to have a cerebral angiogram on Jan 26th to see if the procedure was successful. No headaches now! Sending positive thoughts!