Count down has begun!

Surgery is two weeks away!! Im going to be honest with you im terrified but excited. I never thought i would have those to feelings together (besides riding a roller coaster) ! I ended up in the ER yesterday afternoon with the worse shooting pains right where my ccm is. They did a Ct just to be safe. Everything seem to be fine. They gave me a pain shot( oh boy that helped alot!) then prescribe some vicondin to get me through the 14days left. Im not sure if its stress related or what but im glad i have really good doctors that listen to me. I actually educated some of the ER Nurse on CCM's they were really interested. I feel like a little kid counting down the days until christmas except your present isnt you favorite toy you have been wanting all year but peace. Peace is all i need right now :)

Hey suzq,
Yes, the anticipation awaiting surgery causes 'butterflies' in the stomach - much like a carni ride! ;)
Glad your ER visit turned out ok.
Take care & keep positive, peaceful thoughts as the countdown begins. :)

You know, there is a very real chance that you could have your surgery in the same room I had my craniotomy and/or end up staying in the same recovery room I stayed in. Can't remember the number, but I beleive it was the 2nd room from the corner overlooking the harbor.

Hope you get the peace you so deserve! Wishing the best to you and the doctors caring for you. Interesting that you can help the nurses learn. That's what I call continuing education. :)